LONG time no talk!

I have been so hectic and busy lately, that posting has been almost impossible!

But now, i am finally moved in to my new place back in orlando!

So, hopefully, my posts will be consistent again!

Since i was in NYC, so many opportunities have come up, and i have jumped on every one of them!

Neon Wild being one of them. Neon Wild was created by two friends in new york city. Kori and Laury have a love for fun, funky, trendy, and edgy styles. They contacted me to be an affiliate, and i was beyond honored!

These girls have let me get behind the scenes and dig deep into their new business, and I am so impressed on their drive and determination!

We had a little shoot in brooklyn, where my boyfriend was the photographer. These photos will actually be up on their website soon (which i am so excited about!!!!)

You can shop all of these pieces at and also use my discount code “Ivana” for 10% off of your purchase!  Let me just tell you….you will not be disappointed!!





All Jewelry: ShopNeonWild.Com

Blazer: H&M

Turtle Neck: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Enzo Angiolini




pink dress

All Jewelry and Accessories: ShopNeonWild.Com

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Sam Edelman for Target




Coat: Zara

Turtle Neck: Zara

Jeans: H&M



Sunglasses and Accessories: ShopNeonWild.Com


Accessories and Sunglasses: ShopNeonWild.Com

Top: H&M


Sunglasses and Jewelry: ShopNeonWild.Com


Jewelry: ShopNeonWild.Com

Top: H&M

When floral goes dark

Hey guys!!!!

I have been so busy, beyond busy actually that I havent even been in the mood to dress up for any reason which is NOT Like me at all. But, I got in the mood, and ran with it I decided to do two different looks with this same piece just for an extra option.
All details will be below





For this causal look, I paired the same top with a pair of mid rise jeans. I wanted to keep the black bottom for the pop of white and continued with the gray footwear.

Denim: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

I remembered I had this funky top that I purchased before I moved from Orlando, and so many ideas came to mind. I wanted to switch it up a bit , so I paired it with denim, for a more casual look, and also with a pencil skirt, for something more dressy!

Xo, ivana co





top: forever 21

Haul! Sephora, ulta, bath and body works, H&M

Today, I finally got to itch my scratch and have a little shopping time!!
I made a few stops at a few of my favorite stores, so I’m definitely showing what I purchased!!


First off, in New York, it wasn’t only cold. It was windy and rainy and gloomy! This reminded me that I was I’m desperate need of a new coat. Since H&M is on every block in New York City (literally) I figured that would be My best shot.


This coat, I love! Not only is it a longer trench, but it buttons all the way up to the neck, and has leather trimming! Went perfect with my boots. To top it off, it was only $49.95 :)



Ohhhhhh the love I have for bath and body works! Especially when they have their 2 for $22 3-wick candle sale. I am a SUCKER for candles. And bath and body has my favorite candles of all time! I despise the scent of fall/Christmas. (I know. Weird) so I always gravitate to the clean, floral or fruity scents. Jp actually chose these candles, and he chose Cranberry-pear Bellini and peach Bellini. I couldn’t wait and had to start burning it. My entire apartment smells delicioussssss!

Now, let me just talk about this scent!!!!!!!
I am a perfume ADDICT. It’s been one of my guilty pleasures since I was younger. I love smelling new scents, and once I like one, I’m hooked! This. Scent. Right. HERE!!!
I’ve always been into designer perfumes because of how strong and long they last, but this one was a no Brainer for me, Even being from bath and body.
I sprayed the “Mad about you” perfume to it on my wrist a few months back, and regretted leaving it at the store. I went back and not only got the perfume (yes, B&BW makes perfume now) but I also threw in the body lotion. This scent smells so fresh, clean, and girly. It does have a hint of floral, but no where near over powering. If you haven’t smelled it, you NEED to. I want every single product with this scent! And hello! Look at this packaging. Cutest thing ever!



I have been dying (yes. DYING) for the Lorac pro palette. Everyone and their mother has heard of or owns this palette and I just decided Christmas would come early for me. I want to just eat the colors, that’s how beautiful they are!!! $42 very well spent! I can’t wait to do my make up tomorrow!



A few pick ups from sephora and ulta.
First and importantly, my holy grail liquid liner!
I have used gel, cream, pencil and all types of liquid liners. Not one has come close to giving me the bold, dark, and flawless wing than this baby right here. I am EXTREMELY picky with the brush on my liner. I’m probably the only girl who hates a felt tip. I hate that it’s so stiff and comes out so thick. I have VERY tiny eyes, and with a felt tip, the line comes out way too bold, making my eye look darker and closing it up even more. I prefer a very thin brush. This gives me so much more control and is able to fit into my teeny tiny eyes. Loveeeee it!
This blending brush is by sephora and I was on the hunt for a good blending brush. I was leaning towards ordering a few sigma brushes, but the process of waiting for deliveries drives me mad. So I said, screw it and went for this brush. Hopefully it does the job!

With my sephora rewards points, I got this buxom mascara along with this little pink polish. I’ve never heard or have seen reviews so let’s see how these work!

Last but not at all least, Minted Rose Lip Balm. I’m almost positive every woman has owned this balm at least once. And they do not fail. With this cold weather in New York, my lips have been cracking and peeling like crazy, and I’m positive this lip balm will do the trick.

That sums up everything I got today!
I’ll add pricing below!

Xo, Ivana Co.

Jacket : H&M $49.95
Candles : Bath and Body Works normally, $22.50 each. 2 candles for $22
“Mad about you” perfume: $34
“Mad about you” body cream: $12.50
Lorac pro palette : ulta beauty $42
NYX liquid black liner : ulta beauty $5.50
Crease blending brush : sephora $16
Minted rose lip balm: sephora $7

Leopard is a neutral


As you all know, shoes are my beginning to end. And these calf hair pumps are one of my favvvsssss. Not even counting the fact that they’re leopard!


My shoes are always my go-to accessory. You’ll never see me with crazy jewelry, or insane bags. Shoes will forever be the pop to my outfit.


This slouchy cardigan is one of my favorites from last fall & I’m so excited to be bringing it back out this fall!


Even though I’m not a huge accessorizer, my black top inspired me to throw a shiny pop to my fit! This necklace has been one of my favorites since I purchased it. (Even though I only own about 6 lol)

For my make up, I used loreal Lumi foundation, maybelline’s FIT me concealer, BENNYE banana powder, the naked 1 palette, elf Fuchsia flash blush, loran tantalizer bronzer and highlight, and MAC’s “whirl” lip liner with wet & wild lip stick I’m bare it all.
I always get more questions on my hair/make up more than anything.
I blew out my hair and hard set it to form huge rolls (helps to give body and that extra curl)

Top: Diesel Black Gold
Cardigan: H&M
Denim: diesel
Shoes: Aldo (last Christmas
Necklace: f21
Ring: Aldo


Enjoy everyone!!!
Xo, Ivana co :)

i have NOTHING to wear

For the last year or so, I have had a huge love for the graphic tee. I had been stuck in a stage in my life where i owned not one plain “tee shirt”. All i ever had were blouses, everything a little more dressy. With getting busier, and running around constantly, being dressy at all times was not cutting it at all.

Graphic tees with a fun girly twist have always been my absolute fav.

Im a huge INTEREST fan, and while browsing on their fashion page, I came across a T shirt that had probably my favorite graphic ever. In huge bold letters, “I have  NOTHING to wear”.

Im sure every woman goes through that moment where they stare at their closet filled with clothes, and still can’t find a damn thing to throw on. For me, this would be that tee shirt i could throw on, and it would fit my mood perfectly!

After hunting for months, i could not find a site or store that sold this “perfect” tee shirt.

Until, my best friend was shopping at ZARA and sending me pictures in the fitting room.

And in one of the photos, there it was! The shirt i had been searching for!

Recently, I took a little trip to an outside shopping mall in Yonkers, and searched every tee shirt table until i found it!

Grabbed that bad boy so quickly! Now, with this t shirt being black and white, the colors to pair with it were endless in my mind. Of course, i grabbed red shoes. But, seeing as this combo is BEYOND typical, i wanted to try something else. I grabbed my neon yellow pumps, and still just didn’t feel like it had that punch!

I finally landed on  monochromatic look and grabbed one of my favorite pumps! Since i needed my pop of color, i grabbed one of my favorite red clutches! It all fell together for a very effortless, comfy, but still polished look!







T Shirt – ZARA

Jeans – C Wonder 

Shoes – Enzo Angiolini

Clutch – Aldo

Cuff – Forever 21

Watch – Michael Kors

Rings – H&M

Boyfriend with a Twist

I have been going through a phase that all I want to wear are JP’s clothes. I think I just want to be comfy and using his shirts give such a cute oversized yet feminine feel. After throwing on one of his Express button up’s the outfit just came to me.


Top: Express (MEN)

Jeans: C Wonder

Shoes: Zara 

Rings: Aldo & H&M

Mini haul (h&m, Marshall’s, tj maxx, sephora, Duane reade)

Hey guys!


So this is the first time I do one of these blog posts, so hopefully this goes smoothly!

On Instagram, I get asked a lot where I find little pieces that I’m wearing, so today on my day off, I went to do a little shopping on 125th, and then ended up in Ridge Hill for lunch and some more shopping! I was so excited about each little thing I found, so I figured I would do a mini haul (just not in video form)!


These are the little things I picked up here and there. It literally ranges from cosmetics, to random things for my room, shoes, and even a tweezer!



After having lunch in Yonkers, JP & I decided to walk off our food with a little bit of shopping. The plaza was filled with stores like h&m, VS, and express. At the end of the strip, we found a TJ Maxx, and decided to go in. I’ve been on the hunt for flat shoes. Ever since moving to NYC, I have been realizing how much flats are a necessity. All the walking you have to do everywhere you go is impossible in any other shoe! Every shoe I found, I hated. I was finally ready to give up and go look at the “Home” dept, when on a little clearance rack I saw these cute little ankle strap flats. As soon as I saw that they were my size, I grabbed them and flew to show JP. They are beyond comfy, and Steve Madden, AND a steal for only $20. While I was in line to check out, they had small bottles of perfumes. Just the classics: Juicy Couture, curve, etc. I saw a small bottle of curve crush and only for $6.99 and decided it would be a good perfume to throw into my purse. It’s a plus that I love the scent!


Drug store make up! Everyone can agree drug store make up is so fun. Especially finding things you end up loving! Like this new loreal true match lumi foundation. I cannot describe how light weight this foundation feels. It’s not even close to cakey, and it matched my skin color perfect! ($13.99) revlon’s “Toast of New York”. How festive am I!? Loved the burnt orange look of this Lippie, along with the catchy name. (I can’t remember the price! Sorryyyyyy!” Decided to pick up a tweezer, because well….why not ? I wish I knew what brand this was, but it works so well!


I literally have no clothes, especially winter clothes! I’ve started over since moving and hit up h&m for some basics! I’ve been loving the color grey or the fall, along with pastel blue. Something About it just pops to me. While shopping, I had in mind all of my shoes I could possibly wear with my t shirts and sweaters. (Which I’ll post the examples as well). I’m so excited for fall this year because I’ve never really had the chance to enjoy the fall. I found this cute little head band that has a twisted detail in the front and I’m in love with it!






When I go shopping for tee shirts, tops or bottoms, I always already have a mental note of what I have at home to pair it with. While in h&m, I found these tee shirts and instantly thought of any shoes I could throw together with them to compliment them! Each of these shoes I've already owned. The baby blue pair are from "call it spring" and I got them on sale for $40! The black and white (one of my favorite shoe!)are from DSW, by Enzo angiolini ($120). And the pewter color were one of my favorite steals last winter! Target's Sam & Libby on sale for $19!

When I go shopping for tee shirts, tops or bottoms, I always already have a mental note of what I have at home to pair it with. While in h&m, I found these tee shirts and instantly thought of any shoes I could throw together with them to compliment them! Each of these shoes I’ve already owned. The baby blue pair are from “call it spring” and I got them on sale for $40! The black and white (one of my favorite shoe!)are from DSW, by Enzo angiolini ($120). And the pewter color were one of my favorite steals last winter! Target’s Sam & Libby on sale for $19!

a love affair with sweat pants

There isn’t much to say about this post, besides these tapered sweat pants are just everything!

This isn’t the first time they’re on trend, and every year, i love them even more! This is probably my 4th pair, and I’m pretty sure ill keep on purchasing these bad boys!

They look so cute with pointy pumps, strapped heeled sandals, converse, or even running sneakers for a comfy sporty look. My favorite way to wear them is OBVIOUSLY with my favorite shoe of all time. That would be the pointy pump.

The black details on the pants automatically made me pair all black pieces with these bad boys.

Grabbing a plain up-to-the-neck, sleeveless crop top and one of my favorite black pointy pumps, i left this look very comfy and effortless.


Enjoy guys!!!

XO, Ivana CO



Photography: @JPlazaNYC



BTW, how cute is the stoop of the Brownstone right next door ?!

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Red lip, Red shoes


Its funny actually, because for the first time ever, i didn’t know what the inspiration for my outfit was going to be. I knew I wanted to wear this turtle neck-ish, long sleeve crop top i got a few weeks back from f21 (while shopping for just basic tees). But, because it was white, i literally could’ve done anything with it. I scrambled through my shoes (which almost all of them are still in boxes from moving) i tried on about 6 pairs, throwing them all over the place. Threw on my favorite diesel boyfriend jeans, took them off. threw on a pair of printed harem pants, took those off too. I was beginning to feel so boring, and plain ! :(

I then remembered my favorite light washed destroyed skinnies, and grabbed those form my pile. Asking JP’s opinion, I knew he would decide on a pair of red cut out ankle strap pumps.

Since those were the winners, i grabbed my favorite red lipstick of all time, Ruby Woo, fixed up my make up and hair and double cuffed my jeans, and although i felt more casual than usual, it was very much realistic for where i was going!!!


Here are my favorites from our little shoot at Battery Park!



Xo, Ivana Co.


T shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: C Wonder


Accessories- Ring : Aldo Bracelets: Alex and Ani, C Wonder, H&M Cuff: H&M Watch: Michael Kors



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IMG_6990 IMG_6992

IMG_6987 IMG_6988




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