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Every day face products — September 11, 2015

Every day face products

Hey everyone!

Im here with another beauty related post, but its just one that i could not avoid blogging about.

On trend have been that “Kylie Jenner Lip Combo”, having a beautifully blended eye combo, or an amazing set of lashes.
While I have fallen into all of those trends, nothing is ever more important to me than complexion.
Although having a perfectly blended smokey eye means the world to me (praying to not look like a raccoon every time), I am more of a “nice base, winged liner, and glowy cheek” kinda girl.

Below Im going to list, review, and swatch all of the products that i have been dying over, and just can’t see myself living without.

Hope you enjoy!

First, I will start off with my new foundation. Ive only been using this foundation for about a week, and i am literally blown away by how flawless of a finish it gives. Being drugstore, and only $9.99 (at Target), the finish of this product is to die for.
I have heard so many reviews of it being very comparable to the Make Up Forever HD Foundation, and honestly, I think its better!
I used to use the make up forever a few years ago, and it definitely is one of my favorite foundations at Sephora, but the fact that Maybelline has created a product SO similar, so much cheaper, and with a little more coverage, it takes the cake.

It has a pretty nice consistency. Not too runny, and not too thick. Not matte, but definitely not dewy. It glides on the face so smoothly and looks so flawless.
I have the color “Rich Tan” and it matches perfectly! This product is a STEAL!

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Next, definitely one of my favorite products in the world. Concealer and setting powder.
I am in love with a bright under eye. The look of a nice foundation, with a nice bright highlight just makes my heart warm. Being that I’m so tan, its taken me a while to find the perfect under eye products that give me the effect I’m looking for.
Aside from my Maybelline FIT me concealer (in the color “Sand”), this combination has been taking over my life.
I heard a lot of buzz on this concealer by Maybelline being a dupe for MAC’s prolong wear concealer. As soon as I heard that, I ran to my walgreens and picked it up. The coverage is amazing, the texture is very creamy, and a little goes a very long way. Mixed in with the NYX HD concealer (which can sometimes be a little drying on me), it gives me the perfect brightening affect, the perfect amount of coverage, and the perfect brightened look!
The star of the show has really been this NYX HD setting powder for the under eye area. Anything yellow rely helps that brightening affect happen, and of course, i heard some talk on this specific powder. It is SOOOOOO soft, so finely milled, and has such a bright look under the eye. The combination of these three have blown me away, and given me the exact look I’ve been wanting!


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This next product was honestly no surprise to me. Ive used ELF’s blush before, and aside from a lot of their products that have failed for me, their blushes are always some of the prettiest, most long wearing, and pigmented bushes I’ve ever used!
I used to obsess over a blush they carry called Fuscia Fusion, and i still do own it. But, once i saw this palette, the colors grabbed my attention so quickly. Such ┬ánice shades for someone of a more tan skin tone, SO long wearing i couldn’t even believe it, and only $6! THis blush palette has stolen my heart!

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Who would i be if i didn’t mention Becca’s collaboration with Jaclyn Hill? Champagne pop was the answer to every make up junkie’s prayers. The most beautiful gold/peach color with the best pigmentation and texture in the world! This product brushed right on top of the cheekbones, and any other high points make your face look like a diamond (I’m serious). I could not live without this product, which reminds me to go buy a back up!

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Almost done! I have two eye products. I am very simple when it comes to my eyes for an every day look. A dark wing, and a few coats of mascara and I’m on my way. Normally, my go to mascara is the Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black. That is still one of my favorite mascaras on the market, but this new Mabelline Colossal has quickly taken the place of my telescopic. ┬áPaired with my lash curler, this mascara gives such a full and voluminous look to my lashes. I just love it!
A black wing has been my go to since i was 18, and i don’t see that changing any time soon. For the last 3 years, my favorite liquid liner has been the NYX liquid liner in Blackest Noir. Of course, i still have 3 in my make up stash, but decided to venture out and see if there was anything new to love. Ive heard that the NYC liquid liner is a cult favorite, so decided to grab it during my last visit to the drug store. So far, I’ve been loving it! Its very black, easy to use, and never streaky.

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Lastly, Is my Ride or die. If you haven’t already seen/heard me talk about this, then i don’t know where you’ve been. The nyn Micro Brow pencil. This is a product I buy in bulk every time i find it in my shade. It is the perfect shade for my brows, such a nice consistency, and gives me the nice thick look that i live for. Last time i went to Ulta, I bought every one of them that was left. I play no games with this pencil. NYX has been stepping up their game with their products, and they’re still so inexpensive.

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Now, I’m just going to post a few photos that show the products on my skin. I have been loving the look of all of these products combined. Thank god the drug store has been on their A Game lately, and i have been able to find such amazing products at such an amazing price point!

IMG_3559 IMG_8980 IMG_7372

Hopefully, this is a post everyone enjoys!

Any suggestions, please feel free to comment!

Lets Ride til the Heels Fall Off! xo


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