New York Living!

I haven’t been able to post in a while, due to my recent move to the big apple, but now that I’ve been here a few days, i wanted to show some of the exciting, (and yummy) things I’ve explored! This won’t exactly be a “fashion post” but after looking at all of the pictures I’ve taken in the last 4 days, i couldn’t help but sharing!!!!!




In case anyone wants to know, Im wearing a leotard and little floral shorts from F21, & OPI’s Funky Dunky on my nails (from the Shrek collection)


Since my boyfriend does photography, he is constantly shooting pictures of me doing the most random, (sometimes crazy things. We were headed to HighLine Park and pulled out our cameras just in case we ran into some awesome photo ops.


Here he went, snapping pictures again of one thing that i always do, Mess with my hair!!


Cruising down Bleeker St in Greenwich Village. Being here gave me one of the biggest culture shocks I’ve had so far being here. So many people, so many DIFFERENT people. All colors, shapes, sizes, races. NYC really is the melting pot of the world!


Almost every time i see a pizza shop, i have to go in and get a slice! We passed probably 10 on each block, until this little shop called “Bleeker St Pizza” I grabbed the camera from JP and took such a quick shot, but you can literally taste the pizza just from looking at this picture! lol


In Bleeker St Pizza testing out the lighting with nothing better than a SELFIE!


In Washington Square Park. Literally, i was almost overwhelmed by everything. In one corner, a younger guy banging on his drum set. In another corner, a magician. Violinists, double dutchers, and “bubble love” (a creative guy used to sticks and some rope, dipped in a soapy water, and created some of the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen!)


OH MAN, Magnolia Bakery. YUMMMM!!!! I always crave “Baked by Melissa” when I’m in the city, but this little shop won my heart over! I got a Red Velvet, and JP got a vanilla with chocolate frosting (boring lol). Both, beyond delicious!!


JP took this picture because of my hair lol. We were in his best friends apartment, getting ready to head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! (NYC water by the way, the BESTTTTT for your hair and skin! my hair and skin have ever felt better!)


My little beauty corner, as he calls it. I didn’t see this picture until uploading these so i decided to throw it in. Im not sure why my toes are all scrunched up lol.


Walking through the Chelsea Market. Such a cute indoor shopping/food mall




I have no idea where this was, nor did i know this was taken until now lol. As you can see, i completely take over his camera as if it were mine! (my friends Crystal and Josh in the background)


walking through the village I saw the smallest boutiques of my favorite stores! One including this cute little Jimmy Choo Boutique!

THE white skirt!

I can’t explain how excited I am for this outfit post. For once, my outfit wasn’t based off of shoes, although my shoes are life within themselves!
I had seen on a few of my own favorite blog sites, this perfect little a line skirt, with mesh paneling. It was my mission to find this skirt and create a look for myself! I searched everywhere, literally. All different websites. Known sites, sites that I had never heard of. Until I came across a site that I normally use to find trendy footwear. I found the skirt I had been hunting for! I sent the link to my boyfriend, showing him how excited I was, and he went ahead and ordered it for me!
Now, I had this perfect skirt with no where to wear it! Work has been consuming my life lately, as well as packing my life to move to the big apple! There was no way I would have somewhere to wear this before I left. :(

My best friend text me about having a little farewell dinner, and immediately, I remembered my skirt!
I went a few different times to a few stores in my mall to find the perfect white crop top or plunge v cut top to pair with my skirt, and I bought every shirt I found just to have options. I came home and realized not even ONE shirt went with it. Apparently, the color of my skirt compared to the shirts was not close at all.
I was stuck because I had already packed and got rid of so much! And them, I remembered this little gem I purchased over 6 months ago, but never wore. This cute little Aztec printed crop top! It wasn’t white, but it worked!
Paired it with my new favorite shoes, these beautiful blush tone lace ups, and I couldn’t have been more happy with the way my last minute wardrobe malfunction turned out!!!

Crop top: forever 21
Shoes: ninewest








Change of heart

image image image image image image image image imageWhen I tol myself I wanted to blog today, I grabbed a pair of harem pants I snatched up at h&m and threw a little outfit together. I don’t know if my style is shifting and changing but I just wasn’t satisfied. I ripped my clothes off and grabbed my favorite pair of diesel black gold boyfriend jeans and a pair of my most adored strappy sandals.

ive blogged these jeans before, and I can’t explain the love I have not only for boyfriend jeans, but for this specific pair. The wash, the fit, the cut, the taper, all of it is just perfect!

Im not sure if anyone was as obsessed with this style shoe as I was, but all I could remember was seeing a picture on Pinterest with them, and they wouldn’t leVe my mind. I googled, searched, did everything I could to try finding them. After months, I sadly gave up. I think the shoe gods heard my cry, because about a week later, I found them! Just some casual shopping on (I have a subscription!) I found them and did not even hesitate! *Add to shopping bag*

everytjing about the versatility in this shoe speaks to me. The double strap, the chunky heel, the color combination. I’ve worn them with dresses, shorts, boyfriend jeans, regular skinnies and with trousers! These had to be one of the best investments I made this year!

I also have an intense love for shirts that grip the neck. Something about it just looks so elegant and classy, with a sexy feminine touch. I have a problem with buying excessive amounts of black and white clothing but this was not staying at the store. The zipper detail all the way down the front is the one detail that really caught my mind.


Enjoy all!

Xo, Ivana Co.


top: Bebe

jeans: Diesel Black Gold


tote: h&m

Street style

Since I usually always base my blog posts being very feminine and girly, I decided to take a different approach on my blog post! 

I have this little jersey tee from h&m that I bught for my recent trip to New York City. I never ended up wearing it, since I brought my entire closet on my trip! I loved the lightweight material along with the boy-ish look it gave. 

I felt like like it was the perfect “street style” shirt to begin with.

bdcause the details on the sleeves and neck are black, I decided to pair it with a pair of black skinnies that I must say, are the perfect type of skinny! Nice and slim all the way down to the ankle! :) 

these Zara sandals have been everything to me lately! I got them for Christmas by one of my best friends  and have just been waiting for the right time to wear them. Since I have so many shoes, I constantly forget I have half the shoes I have! These shoes I felt were the ONLY shoes I felt gave the look I was imagining. The best thing about these sandals is the fact that they have the pointed toe rather than typical round toe. I feel like the edge, and sexiness to this shoe is magnified just from that perfect point. 


Threw on candy yum him by Mac for a feminine twist, with this cute snake embossed clutch & it was the perfect mix of pretty and “street”! 

Havent posted in a while so I hope it was something fun and refreshing to see! 


top: h&m 

jeans: h&m 

heels: Zara 

Arm candy: C Wonder, Kate Spade, pandora. 

Lipstick : candy yum yum by Mac. 



Let me take a “Celfie”

Hey guys!

Long time no post!

I figured i was very much due for an outfit post, so I threw together my new favorite t-shirt, and a pair of my most fun basic red pumps!

This shirt is normally a loose, flowy, crop top, and I wanted it to flow with my faaaavoriteeeee pencil skirt, so i made a little knot in the back,and it worked perfectly!

Paired with a cute little red clutch, and a sleek pony, it pulled everything together!


xo, IvanaCo

TShirt – H&M

Pencil Skirt – Zara

Pumps – Vince Camuto

Clutch – Aldo


Everyone knows how obsessed I am with an all white ensemble. I seriously cannot get enough white clothing!! I have had this skirt for months and as usual, it got lost in my closet and I forgot I even owned it. :( once I remembered it existed, a blog post came to mind. I wanted my look to be very clean and crisp, and the only way to do that was all white, with a playful shoe. I couldn’t decide on if I wanted a fun color, or a cool print, but once I threw everything together, it was clear on what the winner was!
Hope you all enjoy!!
Xo, Ivana Co.













Top: American apparel
Skirt: forever21(but there are similar ones at zara &
Shoes: DSW
Accessories: C Wonder, Alex and Ani, pandora, juicy couture, Michael Kors


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